How The Whitening Is Performed

Teeth Whitening by Pearly Whites by Tanya uses a lip retractor as opposed to a tray system.

This lip retractor is placed in front of the teeth in order to protect the lips and the gums from getting any gel on them.

The gums are sealed with vitamin E oil to protect the nerves.

Then each and every tooth is coated with the organic gel.

A LED blue laser is placed in front of the teeth and activates the gel. This soft blue light speeds up the process so that it only takes an hour to achieve the brightest whiteness that your teeth can potentially reach.

Your teeth will change from 8 to 20 shades whiter.

While the LED laser is in front of the teeth, all the pores of the teeth are slowly opening up, whitening, and brightening each and every tooth by the minute.

This simple and gentle process is repeated in 3 consecutive, back to back 15 minute rounds, resulting in pearly, white, sexy smiles for everyone